About Harriet Tinka

I believe everyone deserves to feel happy, confident & empowered!

And I want to support YOU to have all this, and so much more!

My name is Harriet Tinka. I am a transformational speaker, a life coach, a blogger, a youth supporter, a passion fueled entrepreneur and an all-round life enthusiast.

My passion and deepest desire in life is to help empower people of all ages to let go of their limitations and fears to step up and be the best version of themselves.

“I love what I do, I adore my Empowered Me family and I love my life.”

My work life is focused on running life changing workshops and retreats, speaking in schools, writing inspiring blogs, giving motivational talks to my Empowered Me family and empowering my 1-on-1 coaching clients to live the most empowering life possible. My success is measured by how many people l empower.

I believe in:

How did all this come about?

I remember in school my friends and peers struggling with self-worth, low self-esteem, a lack of direction and caring so much about the opinions of others. They put so much energy and focus into negative things that made them unhappy. They just didn’t know how to be happy. I also struggled with low self-esteem at a low point in my life. But l found tools to overcome them and as a result inspire others to be their authentic self.


Harriet Tinka is a perfect example of finding a need in the community and filling it. She is known by her students as a “Powerhouse Role Model who makes being genuine the most powerful thing of all”. She struggled with her self-worth and confidence in her teen years, and despite dealing with some unique obstacles along the way, she has broken through those barriers and has found the ultimate success in inspiring teens reach their full potential.
As she faced her adversities, she was one day inspired by a little girl in a wheel chair who said to her, “Move forward and use your pain to inspire others.” Harriet decided it was time to pay it forward. Ever since, she has inspired and touched lives of over 500 teens!
Harriet has over sixteen years of experience in an international and local modeling career. As her life journey thrived, she started teaching extensively in modeling school, helping the models boost their self-esteem and overcome negative self-talk so as to love themselves unconditionally. Her inspiration became contagious and soon parents and teens were looking up to her for inspiration. With all the support and encouragement she received, she decided to start workshops titled “I Believe in Me Because…” to instill this energy to the young people.

Honors & Awards

2022 Fil Fraser Award Recipient

For Outstanding Work In Literacy, Performing. And/On Visual Arts

2019 Robinson Koilpillai Multiculturalism Award

2018 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Nominee

2017 Rotary Integrity Award Recipient

2017 Daughter of the Year Recipient

2016 Global Woman of Vision Award Recipient

2016 Diversity Community Woman of the Year Award recipient

2013/14/15/16 Self-Esteem & Leadership Award Recipient

2014 YWCA Women of Distinction Award Recipient

2014 Excellent Community Initiative Appreciation Award

In recognition of building self-esteem and leadership in youth.

2014 YWCA Women of Distinction Award

Harriet has overcome adverse circumstances and draws from her experience to inspire strength and success in others.

2014 Fierce Diamond Recipient – Inspirational Category

A woman who has motivated and ignited a spark within others through her words, actions and by sharing her story.

2014 Diversity Community Woman of the Year

A woman fearlessly engaged both professionally and personally in making changes that support diversity in the community.

2013 Excellent Community Initiative Appreciation Award

In recognition of building self-esteem and leadership in youth.

Global TV Woman of Vision: Harriet Tinka