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Organizational Description Empowered Me (EM) based in Edmonton, Alberta is an organization that believes it is our mission to inspire, educate, empower, value, and support our leaders of tomorrow to have a sense of purpose and live to their full potential. We offer the most innovative, empowering, life changing, sustainable, supportive and professional workshops to all individuals.

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Prevent & address issues

EM has found that adolescents between the ages of 10-19 years old are susceptible to, and often experience, low self-esteem and a lack of purpose, which can contribute to negative beliefs and unhealthy relationships. To prevent and address these issues, Empowered Me developed the “I Believe in Me Because…” program. The program uses strength-based games self-esteem activities, and interactive discussions to help the participants gain a positive identity and a sense of purpose.

This is an absolute MUST for all pre-teen and teens. This workshop addresses how the students can boost their self confidence and self-esteem, they will learn to love, accept and respect themselves for who they are, as well as learn to set personal goals. Together we will create action plans to boost their self-esteem and achieve their goals. This transformational workshop will give teens support to eliminate the limitations in their life brought on by negative beliefs, self-talk, limiting emotions and negative memories. We offer tools to help them become resilient and deal with their emotions, self-image (internally and externally), peer pressure and other challenges that arise during their teen years. Social media and the perfect image is also addressed and put into perspective. We also review discovering who we are through understanding our values. This session will give them a strong starting point to improve their lives.

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Misunderstandings and unmet needs can be attributed to problems with communication (verbal and non-verbal). It is critical to examine the student’s current communication style and consider alternative approaches. Communicating is at the heart of everything. Speaking clearly, having the message understood and active listening are critically important skills.

This program includes adjusting the communication style based on the individual that the students are interacting with; using assertive language when necessary and learning to use their skills to present ideas concisely. In addition, learning to say “NO” and exercises on the “I Statements” efficiently will empower the students and have a huge impact on them.

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We start with the basics to improve the students’ presentation skills right from body language, posture to the nitty gritty details. This workshop helps the student with their school presentations, job search, to circumstances when they have to present to their parents to partake in an activity or pay for a sports, etc. We demonstrate to the students how they can have effective presentations and public speaking skills, and generally feel comfortable speaking to a group of people. Additionally,

we advance their presentation skills so that the student feels confident to stand up in front of an audience and speak well. This skill is critical for self-development and social situations. This workshop is very interactive.

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Time management involves learning how to schedule and manage their time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This includes prioritizing all of their tasks, and allocating time according and reducing procrastination. When people are in control of their time, their stress level is reduced. Time management skills help students reach their goals by teaching the students to be more efficient with their time, this includes minimizing social media. We encourage and teach the use of a day timer and we have hands on workshops to teach them how to prioritize and manage their time via fictitious agendas that they need to manage.

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Instilling good financial sense into young students will give them a good foundation for their future.

Studies show that parents worry about their children’s financial futures, but they may not be doing enough to teach money management skills. Empowered Me fills this gap by teaching young people about general money skills including debit cards (age dependent). We role play and thoroughly cover money sense to help students have a firm foundation for long-term financial health.

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At Empowered Me we have students choose a goal that they may have difficulty reaching and we give the students the tools needed to pursue that goal, whether it is getting better grades, being a star performer in sports, learning a new language, planning a trip, etc. Having goals is one thing, but achieving them takes time, self-understanding, and perseverance. This interactive workshop explores the practical tools and concepts that are needed, and covers the following ideas:

  • The gift of imagination – the seed from which goals, dreams and creativity blossom.
  • Identifying and breaking down our dreams by setting goals so that the first step appears in front of us. Rewarding ourselves along the journey.
  • We help them to experiment by writing objectives for their goal in terms of managing their time. Each objective is specific, measurable, realistic, and has a completion date. (SMART goals)

Without goals teens are directionless. Life is meant to be adventurous and fun and so is the pursuit of one’s dreams. We help teens break down goals into bite sized chunks and show them the importance of rewarding themselves along the way while remembering to have fun.

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Empowered Me has worked with several teens and concluded that numerous of them, even the healthiest ones, struggle with negative body images and low self-esteem. We focus on fitness and nutrition and combine them with education of the different body types, fostering a healthy body image, and self-esteem building as part of a total program. Additionally, we discuss alcohol’s physiological affects by showing the video (age specific and topic must be approved by the school). The workshop has three components that play a vital role in this generation of young people in becoming healthy in every area of their lives:

Body Image: Many teen girls struggle with low self-esteem due to peer pressure, weight problems, and images they see in the media. Participants will gain an accurate picture of what their specific body type is and de-mystify the negative media messages aimed at young people.

With a better understanding of what they’re working with, they’ll be able to embrace who they are and view themselves in a healthier state, mentally, emotionally and physically. We also add some modeling skills to empower the teens to walk with confidence.

Nutrition: Students will learn what a healthy diet really consists of and how they can integrate it into their lifestyle. We teach them about foods that promote good health, while also discussing those that may appear to be healthy, but are unhealthy. Fact will be separated from fiction and they will gain a clear understanding of how to engage in eating habits that will decrease the likelihood of being faced with eating disorders.

Fitness: Studies show that our younger generation is inactive compared to those who preceded them. It is imperative that teens understand that physical activity is vital for them to either maintain or initiate peak fitness. At Empowered Me, we teach exciting, innovative exercises that require nothing more than items they have at home. We integrate a mixture of friends and fun exercises as a recipe for not just excellent health, but also an abundance of fun.

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Our Focus is on empowering the students by providing them with opportunities to develop and practice a variety of alternative responses to take action against name-calling, peer pressure and bullying. In addition, we provide practical information for building skills that will support students in developing personal strategies to take action and protect themselves against cyber bullying and social cruelty in online forums. We are also certified to use the WITS (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out, Seek Help) training program.

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This workshop focuses on how to deal with everyday life. It will explain how to handle and overcome obstacles and diverse challenges, in addition to how to tackle and face false perceptions—those we build and those from the outside world. The workshop will shed light on how to make the most out of life, especially when dealing with taking negative situations and shifting them into incredible, positive experiences. We use a variety of entertaining quizzes, activities, and questions to help teens figure out the roles they play to determining the things they want to change about their lives. We also apply The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. This workshop will engage the teens and have a lasting impact in their lives.

Beliefs can dictate the way we experience life. They have the power to do one of two things: empower you or limit you. A self-limiting belief is a thought or an idea that holds one back and limits one’s ability to live a positive and healthy life. Teens may not recognize that they are holding on to self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs control their lives and keep them stuck in cycles of defeat, frustration, and mediocrity. Empowered Me gives them the tools to identify these self-limiting beliefs and overcome them.

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It is important to have mutually respectful and healthy relationships with your family, friends, and teachers. This workshop is intended to help students understand the significance of having healthy relationships and how to apply different tools to have healthy relationships. This workshop includes interactive play stations that are based on the age of the students.

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This workshop goes beyond temporary “feel-good” fixes. The students learn interpersonal skills which empower them to participate at higher levels in their group and throughout the rest of their lives. Our team-building training will help the students interact more effectively with fellow members and facilitators. They will grow in confidence and competence in managing people. Most of all, the team will be more cohesive and empowered to achieve its goals. The workshop is designed to:

  • Teach the students leadership principles and then work with them to identify their individual strengths
  • Increase trust in their own abilities and the abilities of their fellow students
  • Build effective interpersonal communication skills and innovative problem-solving skills
  • Develop and carry out skills for arriving at consensus under time pressure
  • Encourage youth participants to develop and focus their individual strengths in a group project

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Schools are a great place for mental health promotion and early identification and intervention. The overall aim is to explain what mental health is, to get students to reflect over the importance of mental health, just like physical health. Additionally, to introduce some strategies for maintaining good mental health.

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To develop an understanding of what it means to live in poverty in Edmonton and surrounding area – and to begin to make meaningful connections between the official poverty numbers and the real-life situations they represent.

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The entire topic listed above consists of interactive workshops that allow the student to apply what they learn in real life circumstances.