Girls Summer Camp

$100.00 CAD

Summer Online camp will be offered weekly. Please choose the weeks accordingly.

Nine week Girls only Online Summer Camp for:
Ages 11-13 and Ages 14-16

Please register accordingly.


This camp will foster emotional intelligence, self-confidence, independence, healthy living, leadership and other skills that prove beneficial long into adulthood. Benefits of this camp is the social skills they will develop, especially around interacting with other people in a positive way.



We will be ONLINE this summer to fill in “The Missing Piece.”

What missing piece?

NON – COGNITIVE SKILLS that are not taught in schools and it is what employers look for. Skills supporting the student’s success: Social Skills, Perseverance, Interpersonal Skills, Resiliency, Grit, Attitude, Self-Control, Mindset, Leadership, Confidence and much more….

POWER OF TWELVE is a program that will cover all the

non-cognitive skills your child needs to be successful.

POWER OF TWELVE will cover the following modules:

  1. THE POWER of Self-esteem
  2. THE POWER of Communication
  3. THE POWER of Presentations
  4. THE POWER of Managing time
  5. THE POWER of Setting Goals
  6. THE POWER of Money Sense
  7. THE POWER of Health and Wellness
  8. THE POWER of Cruel Words (Anti-bullying)
  9. THE POWER of Building Healthy Relationships
  10. THE POWER of Teamwork
  11. THE POWER of Poverty
  12. THE POWER of Diversity and Inclusion



One on One Coaching

Valued at $150 Hourly


$50 – One Hour

$75 – 1.5 Hours