People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Ziglar
If you are an entrepreneur growing your business, you know that there are days when things are going so well, and you are on cloud nine getting things done. As a business owner, you have moved a great idea to market, and it’s been profitable. But now, business is slow. Perhaps your clients have decided to use someone else, or the economy has slowed down, or the big “C” has impacted your business. What can you do? You are not motivated to push yourself.
Why are you struggling to get motivated when you need it most? How will your business survive if there is no movement? Life is about ups and downs. A normal heartbeat rhythm goes up and down. Our heart rate adapts to our body’s need for energy throughout the day as we walk or do strenuous exercises. Seasons change, your washing machine cycle changes, and on and on. Movement is inherent in cycles. Therefore, motivation is not any different. It will go up and down. As an entrepreneur, you need to get back online and build that business. Remember that being motivated 100 percent of the time is not realistic. However, strategies can help you stay consistently motivated to achieve explosive growth in your business. What are these strategies to keep you on top of your game?
Meet Tessy Omina, our September Dandy Lion Youth of the Month. She has the secret recipe to staying motivated. Tessy is originally from Kenya and did her undergraduate degree in North Carolina: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and minor in Environmental Studies. She later completed her Master of Arts degree in Intercultural studies in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tessy is now a Senior Program Manager at Black Canadian Women in Action, an organization that inspires Black Canadian girls and women to strive for greatness. Her role has been to work with young entrepreneurs and push them to their limits.
Growing up, Tessy’s parents encouraged her and her four brothers to get a good education and help others along the way. Her father worked for United Nations, an intergovernmental organization that aims to maintain international peace and develop friendly nations. Tessy saw her father’s actions in harmonizing countries and focusing on dignity and equality. Also, how he treated others in the community. Tessy’s father treated people with respect, and she watched how he spent time listening to their needs. He had integrity, and Tessy is now a replica of her father. Though she admits growing up she often thought he was a “hard man.” Now that she’s older, she understands it was all for love.
Tessy’s mother, Grace, was also a big integral in her life. Greek mythology ties the name “Grace” to beauty and joy. Tessy validated that her mother represented precisely that. Her mother was always charming and full of goodness. Tessy grew up knowing that we rise by lifting others. She continues to reciprocate her values in her community.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”― Anne Frank

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Tessy’s passion for helping others was natural. While in North Carolina, she started working with refugees and empowering the vulnerable. Another opportunity to volunteer came for her in Thailand. There she experienced many different cultures. She chuckled stating that she blamed her passion for food on the cultural experiences.
According to Tessy, one of the most critical things in business when motivating your team is effective listening. Listening has helped her give hope to the girls and women she works with, especially when they have little motivation. She admitted that sometimes it is challenging to get motivated, especially when things go sideways.
As we unpacked the topic of motivation, she indicated that identifying the root cause of low motivation is the first step to improving teams. Continually fostering supportive relationships and listening to team members is critical.
In her role as a Senior Program Manager, she leads by example. It’s impossible to lead a team if you are not motivated. Tessy recommends setting realistic strategies and goals. Working with young entrepreneurs requires patience and ongoing coaching. She knows oh so well that the cost of disengagement to organizations can be staggering. Below are a few recipes to improve motivation and get back your “A” game:
  1. Focus on your purpose. As a business owner, ask yourself why you decided to become an entrepreneur. The answer could range from wanting to be your own boss to getting the flexibility so you could spend more time with your family or to change the world. 
  2. Set some time off for yourself. Reset and have daily disciplines, which are actions that grow your business daily. Whether your motivation is high or low, do the same actions. Be consistent.
  3. Have a “NOT-TO-DO” list of things you will not do when your motivation is low.
  4. Read for inspiration. There are many success stories of those that have come before you. This will inject some energy and even lead to new ideas for improving upon your current practices. 
  5. Use affirmations “I AM”

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” – Muhammad Ali

  1. Do not equate your self-worth with your business success. Learn to be happy and self-confident innately, regardless of how the business performs. Tell yourself, “I like myself no matter what.”
At EmpoweredMe Inc, we offer monthly meetings on personal development, and we draft professional business plans for start-ups and businesses looking to grow. If you need a little motivation, change the trajectory, and get the EmpoweredMe experience.

“Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.” – Robin S. Sharma

Our Dandy Lion youth of the month, Tessy, is instrumental in motivating young leaders with the BCW Leadership program. During the podcast, she shared that change is the biggest challenge with the young entrepreneurs looking to pivot into their passion. She has taken on a lead with the BCW Girls Leadership program and turning them into future CEOs or entrepreneurs depending on their passion. She sees the girls and women in their transformational journey, and it elevates her to keep going. She welcomes young girls and women looking to elevate themselves to their full potential.

Question for Tessy: “Tell me what being authentic is to you?”

“It is to be true to your inner self regardless of your circumstances. We all have a calling to reach our full potential and being authentic is the key.”

Listen to the podcast: Conversation with Tessy Omina

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