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Faced with the growing concerns and uncertainties over COVID-19 and our commitment to provide a safe environment for our clients, staff, and volunteers, in person and virtual workshop will be available. Rest assured that our virtual training options are optimized to provide you with the same high-touch, interactive and engaging experience as our in-person workshops. Contact us for details.



To Motivate

the participants, gain a positive identity and acknowledgement of their personal worth, strengths and skills.


To Improve

their communication and interpersonal skills.

To Increase

their social competencies; make good life decisions, and healthy responses to peer pressure.

To Have a High Sense of Purpose

in life and ability to sustain the confidence in the future.

Welcome to Empowered Me where individuals are inspired to be resilient & empowered through our programs and education.
Our world today is full of obstacles that significantly affect our well-being an success. Empowered Me shows individuals how to overcome the battles of  interpersonal problems, negative self-image, and living an unhealthy lifestyle.
With Empowered Me in their corner, they can bravely exclaim they are strong and excited to take charge of their futures.

Building Strong Foundations

At Empowered Me we celebrate our students’ strengths while they learn to be productive, have a sense of purpose and become contributing members of their community. Our programs give each child the tools and confidence they need to succeed in school, have healthy active lifestyles, manage money, think critically about messages in the media and have life skills that will build a strong foundation.

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Honors & Awards

2014 Excellent Community Initiative Appreciation Award

In recognition of building self-esteem and leadership in youth.

2014 YWCA Women of Distinction Award

Harriet has overcome adverse circumstances and draws from her experience to inspire strength and success in others.

2014 Fierce Diamond Recipient – Inspirational Category

A woman who has motivated and ignited a spark within others through her words, actions and by sharing her story.

2014 Diversity Community Woman of the Year

A woman fearlessly engaged both professionally and personally in making changes that support diversity in the community.

2013 Excellent Community Initiative Appreciation Award

In recognition of building self-esteem and leadership in youth.