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Harriet Tinka was a gorgeous model-turned student at the University of Calgary. Featured on haute couture runways and in fashion magazines, she chose to turn her back on the soul-crushing pressure to be the “ideal female body.” Instead she went  to university and focused on getting an education. During this period, one of her friends began to turn critical, mean and possessive, until one night he attacked her. She was beaten, abducted and sliced up with a butcher’s knife. It was a miracle she survived, but the trauma left her with a big “why me?” That is until she met a 9-year-old who helped her get her head turned around. Today, she is a highly-regarded empowerment youth worker, ultra-marathon runner, accountant and mother of three. She exudes vivacity, health, strength and emotional balance.

Her co author Allen Lycka told us his story last week. You may want to hear it now