Bullies Need Support, Too!

With Pink Shirt Day happening on February 22, a lot of emphasis is placed on bullying and those who are being bullied. It is no secret bullying is a big issue facing our kids – both online and off. Empowered Me, a local organization that inspires and empowers youth in schools, believes some consideration should be given to bullies themselves.

Just recently, Lady Gaga was a victim of cyberbullying and body-shaming after her halftime performance at the 51st annual Super Bowl. Despite her incredible performance and talent, her body became an ugly undercurrent to the show with some taking to social media to criticize. Lady Gaga is no stranger to bullying. She has spoken many times against it and even started the Born This Way Foundation to help empower youth and inspire bravery through kindness and compassion. Last week’s cyber-bullying of Lady Gaga shows that even a megastar can get bullied.

Her response, though, has also caught the attention of many. Lady Gaga understands that people will be nasty regardless of what she does or doesn’t do. Her response was understanding and compassionate demonstrating that even in a negative environment we can always choose to look for the good.

She showed a great deal of compassion for those who decided to bully her by not retaliating or acknowledging their negativity. She also set an important example for standing up for herself and being self-confident in her own skin. She kept her wits about her.

Lady Gaga shows us that compassion towards fellow students helps build bridges towards empowering kids and nurturing congenial environments, both in and out of schools. Empowered Me helps young kids feel empowered and works with students needing a little support through its programs.

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