Looking Towards An Empowered 2017!

2016 is drawing to a close and 2017 gives us hope for a better future. Or does it?


Some people like to disagree but Empowered Me likes to think positively and look towards new possibilities.


A new year allows us all to start fresh, start anew. It gives us the power to look back at all the good things we’ve done in the year and then think about where we want to be in the coming year. 


In 2016, we helped hundreds of kids feel better about themselves, empowered them to help others in their community as leaders and worked with women who needed a support to get them headed in the right direction. It’s been an incredibly powerful year for Empowered Me!



As we look towards 2017, we know that we’re going to grow our great work with boys, girls and anybody else who needs a little encouragement to feel completely empowered. We have children’s workshops already planned for February 2017 where we’ll help more kids with their sense of self, and getting them to feel more self-confident. Self-confidence goes a long way for kids and we also know that the skills children learn when they’re young, put them in a better place as they grow up.


None of this would be possible without you, so we look forward to more support from you in getting kids in Edmonton and surrounding areas, feeling hopeful for the future. So, while 2016 is closing, we have hope for a better future in 2017. Yes, we’re confident we do!


From our family to yours, we wish you the best holiday season and an incredible outlook for 2017.