Mother & Daughter Four Weeks

Mother & Daughter Four Weeks


Empowered Me is an excellent choice for a Mother/Daughter weekend workshop. Emphasis will be placed on communicating respectfully, developing new self-esteem strategies and avoiding those dreaded confrontations and conflicts.

We provide interactive activities for both mother and daughter. The workshops also aim to empower mothers with effective skills to help raise confident, independent young women.

Time: 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Location: Orange Hub
10045 156 Street, Edmonton , Alberta
Investment: $300

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At Empowered Me, we believe that the mother-daughter relationship is of prime importance because mothers are such influential role models for their daughters. It is also a challenge growing from girlhood to womanhood. For these reasons alone, Empowered Me offers a selection of mother/daughter workshops to provide valuable support to mothers and their daughters.

The Mother Daughter Workshops enhances communication and listening skills for Mothers or “Other Mothers” and Daughters. Cultural differences may impact communication skills. We customize the workshops to the audience in the class. The focus is on helping participants identify and support life and aspirations for girls.
We will focus on the following insights on improving mother daughter relationships

  • Having realistic expectations and setting boundaries
  • Communicating using ‘I’ statements, rather than being accusatory
  • Put yourself in her shoes.
  • Sticking to the present.
  • Group Project (mother and daughter)
  • Group Discussion (mothers only)
  • Group Discussion (daughters only)
  • Interactive discussion
  • Self-Defense- Krav Maga technique


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