Mother & Son Four Weeks

Mother & Son Four Weeks


Time: 2:00 – 5:00 PM

Location: Orange Hub

10045 156 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
Investment: $300


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The Workshop will focus on activities that can assist both Mother and son in improving their relationship. Effective communication, empathy, and memory building are essential foundations every relationship needs to grow. Mother and Sons share a special bond that needs nurturing if both parties enjoy the best of their relationship.

For Sons, building healthy self-esteem is crucial in their formative years. For Mother, understanding how to care for a young male child can be overwhelming due to the generational gap. Some Mothers find it difficult to express love loudly. A Mother’s love is invisible but real and essential. There is nothing more substantial like the father-son relationship. Many factors will influence Sons as they travel through their life journey.

Mothers are important role models. We will discuss the essential things sons need from their Mothers. Both Mother and son must have a good understanding of their vastly different realities. A knowledge of that understanding will empower them with the skills they need to bond better. It is also important to note that, like everything else, building a lasting relationship is always a work in progress.

While one Workshop experience might not drastically change the current situation, it is a step both parties can take to start building a healthy relationship.

The Mother and Son Workshop covers topics in three phases:

Phase One – Explores personal storytelling and self-esteem development.

Phase Two – We look at the foundational soft skills that can help a relationship bloom.

Phase Three – A series of practical activities Mothers and their Sons can use to learn about each other.

Be rest assured, we will tackle the stigma society has labelled on our Boys and Men.


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