Teen Self-Esteem – An Important Tool for Success


The teen years are a turbulent and confusing time. It is also often when self-esteem is determined. Self-esteem can create confident successful adults when developed properly, or it can wither under lack of confidence during the crucial move into adulthood. Whatever path a teenage takes during these next few years can define how they live the rest of their life. Many teens today are experiencing low self-esteem and is it a natural part of finding their way. The real question is, how can you rise above this?

Self-esteem improvement is obviously easier in theory, but it is well worth the hard work to make this happen. Low self-esteem usually comes from comparing yourself to other people and believing that you do not measure up. Additionally, it arises from not having the accomplishments or not having a pathway and future clearly laid out.

Taking steps to build your self-esteem is one of the best things you can do for yourself. As you start to improve your feelings of self-worth, your life, attitude and outlook will improve.


Developing high self-esteem can help you to:

 • Build confidence

• Take the first steps and appropriate risks to achieve goals

• Surround yourself with people who are positive, respectful and supportive

• Believe in your own abilities

• Have stronger friendships and empowering relationships

• Faces challenges and handle life’s problems.

• Be happy with who you are.