Tragedies Make us Resilient

Dalai Lama quantified that tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. Having been faced with a tragedy, I was naturally compelled to ask- why me? So I reverted to what many told me to do. That is, ‘Be Positive.’ I realized that this ‘Be Positive’ attitude which is widely broadcasted and is successful as well, is exactly what prevented me from staying knocked down and from getting knocked out. The utmost wonder in living exists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. At times, we don’t realize how strong we are until we are faced with tragedy.

Life is like a game of dodgeball. Sometimes we can avoid getting hit, other times you never even see the ball coming that knocks you out. To my friends and every one affected by the fire outbreak in Fort McMurray, this is the time to be resilient. This is the time to be strong. When you put together a jigsaw puzzle you do it piece by piece. You will rebuild your lives again. When you lose something, it comes back in another form.

I cannot say l know how you feel – l don’t. I cannot imagine the tragedy you have been through. Things you lost do not define who you are. How you respond to the things you have lost, is the part you have to make up as you go. But I encourage you to display your positivity by remembering that mental breaks and relaxation will help keep stress chemicals at bay, reducing the likelihood of feeling, or becoming overwhelmed and reactive.

Above all, no matter what sort of difficulties we encounter, how painful the experience, if we lose hope, that becomes our real tragedy.