FAQs about EmpoweredMe Inc. and the Power of Twelve Program

A: Empowered Me guides individuals to take ownership of their next steps and provides practical tools and coaching, drawing from a wealth of expertise.

A: Empowered Me provides unwavering support and healing for survivors, focusing on marginalized communities and recognizing the importance of empowerment.

A: Empowered Me employs the WITS program, addressing both sides of the issue to support bullies and victims, recognizing that hurt people hurt people.

A: The Power of Twelve is a transformative program designed to empower individuals by focusing on twelve critical areas of personal development. It includes coaching, workshops, and resources to help individuals grow in various aspects of their lives.

A: Empowered Me conducts its sessions at the Orange Hub at 10045 156 Street in Edmonton, Alberta.

A: Yes, organizations and corporate companies can collaborate with Empowered Me to bring transformational tools to their team-building retreats, whether full, half days, weekly, monthly or choice of duration sessions to uplift their groups or employees for personal and professional growth.

A: Yes, individuals can buy Empowered Me’s resources online. These include affirmation cards, self-reflection cards, books, and workbooks, some of which are available on Amazon.

A: The main goal of the Power of Twelve program is to empower individuals to own their next steps by addressing twelve critical areas of personal development and encouraging them to realize their full potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

A: Certainly! The program covers areas such as self-confidence, communication skills, resilience, leadership, emotional intelligence, and personal growth.

A: You can get involved by attending our workshops and coaching sessions, exploring our resources, or contacting us for personalized guidance and support on your growth journey.

A: Empowered Me works with both individuals and organizations, tailoring its coaching, workshops, and resources to meet the specific needs of each client.

A: Yes, Empowered Me frequently hosts events and workshops to introduce individuals and organizations to the Power of Twelve program. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on upcoming events and opportunities to engage with us.

A: Harriet’s expertise in peak performance guides individuals through micro-steps to attain a focused, neutral mindset, providing them with the mental resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges.

A: EmpoweredMe offers various modules designed to empower individuals across multiple aspects of their lives. Here are the key modules included in the program:


  1. THE POWER of Self-Esteem
  2. THE POWER of Communication
  3. THE POWER of Managing Time
  4. THE POWER of Health and Wellness

PHASE TWO: Growth and Development

  1. THE POWER of Setting Goals
  2. THE POWER of Money Sense
  3. THE POWER of Leadership
  4. THE POWER of Presentations

PHASE THREE: Relationships and Connections 

  1. THE POWER of Building Healthy Relationships
  2. THE POWER of Words (Anti-bullying)
  3. THE POWER of Etiquette
  4. The Power of Social Media

Bonus Phase 

Career and Social Impact

  1. THE POWER of Diversity and Inclusion
  2. THE POWER of Poverty
  3. The Power of Career Readiness
  4. The Power of Entrepreneurship

These modules collectively form the EmpoweredMe program, providing a comprehensive framework for personal growth, development, and empowerment across various life domains.