Girls Summer program

Why should I send my daughter to the EmpoweredMe leadership summer program?

There are two reasons why the leadership program is beneficial. It helps girls become leaders who take charge of their own lives. The girls focus on enhancing their leadership and character resiliency skills as they develop their character and a sense of value, identity and purpose. This program will foster emotional intelligence, self-confidence, independence, healthy living, leadership, and other skills that prove beneficial long into adulthood. The benefit of this program is the social skills they will develop, primarily around interacting with other people positively.
For most parents, the summer holidays can be a bit of a challenge. The Children tend to get bored quickly, and they remind their parents or caregivers that they are indeed bored. They need a lot of new activities to keep them busy over the eight weeks. It’s also a better option for families who have not planned a summer holiday or perhaps those who don’t have the budget for a big getaway.
Every week the EmpoweredMe Leadership program will delve into values, service, grit and vision to enable leadership growth and development. What sets us apart from other leadership program is the small group experience enabling mentored discussion and reflection. This unique experience allows the girls to confidently communicate with inspirational keynote speakers, interactive sessions and outdoor team challenges to reinforce their non-cognitive skills.

NON–COGNITIVE SKILLS are not taught in schools, and it is what employers look for. Skills supporting the student’s success: Social Skills, Perseverance, Interpersonal Skills, Resiliency, Grit, Attitude, Self-Control, Mindset, Leadership, Confidence and much more….

POWER OF TWELVE is a program that will cover all thenon-cognitive skills your child needs to be successful.

POWER OF TWELVE will cover the following modules:

  1. THE POWER of Self-esteem
  2. THE POWER of Communication
  3. THE POWER of Presentations
  4. THE POWER of Managing time
  5. THE POWER of Setting Goals
  6. THE POWER of Money Sense
  7. THE POWER of Health and Wellness
  8. THE POWER of Cruel Words (Anti-bullying)
  9. THE POWER of Building Healthy Relationships
  10. THE POWER of Teamwork
  11. THE POWER of Poverty
  12. THE POWER of Diversity and Inclusion


July 10 – 14 Orange Hub: 10045 156 Street 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (MTN) $400
July 17 – 21 Orange Hub: 10045 156 Street 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (MTN) $400
July 24 – 28 Orange Hub: 10045 156 Street 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (MTN) $400


August 14 -18 Orange Hub: 10045 156 Street 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (MTN) $400