Pageant Coaching


Harriet Tinka, Your Pageant Coach

I blend my past successes as an international model with a career as a finance professional and business owner. I have spent years working with the youth and aspiring models to build their confidence and instill in them skills necessary to be successful as models, pageant participants, and careers and life in general. I mentor and coach girls and women of all ages to create success in their day-to-day life and on the stage or the runway. My first pageant coaching resulted in immediate success; it was for Miss Teen Edmonton World 2013. My assistance revolved around interview questions, onstage presence, and pageant walking style. My client won her local pageant, captured her national title, and placed in the Top 15 at the world competition! My clients almost exclusively come through referrals. Since 2013, my pageant contestants have achieved success at the local, national, and international levels.
Understanding the different pageant systems’ different styles allows me to successfully coach students at local and national levelsβ€”even the most beautiful and brightest need to be guided through their journey to be prepared. My techniques for interview questions focus on teaching the delegate to think during the interview so that they can respond quickly, on-the-spot, to any question that the judges ask them. Interviewers provide positive feedback on the quality of interviews with my contestants. Pageant walking is another critical element, and my background as an international model is invaluable. After a relatively small number of sessions, one of my clients was honoured with the top award for best pageant walk at the 2015 Miss Universe Canada pageant. I love working with pageant contestants because it is about learning essential life skills and personal development.
I look forward to contributing to your pageant success.

If you are looking for a Pageant Coach who is honest and direct in sharing and willing to debunk all the myths on pageants, you found her.

I will create your game plan to compete with confidence and stay authentic. To win, you must focus on THREE KEY THINGS. I will share them as YOUR PAGEANT COACH.

Yours Truly, Harriet Tinka