Self Esteem and Healthy Relationships

Two Major Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem to Have a Better Relationship


Likely you may have heard that you have to love yourself in order to have a successful and loving relationship with someone else. But what does it mean to love yourself, and how do you achieve it? Self-love is a contemporary term that is related to understanding yourself, having confidence. This requires independence. The two methods below are tied and true to help you maintain the independence that is important to reconnect with yourself and gain self-esteem:


Take a Break: These might be dreaded words in relationships, but taking a break has gotten a bad reputation. We need vacations from work, we move away from our childhood homes, so taking some time off from a relationship only makes sense. A break doesn’t have to mean your relationship is broken off temporarily, it can mean taking a few days away from each other to recharge, reconnect with family, or go rediscover some of your favorite activities. Getting some space is important for developing your ability to see things from a different perspective, maintain friendships and family, and for maintaining your sense of self as an individual.


Take Care of Yourself: It can be as simple as giving yourself a manicure or as complicated as finally getting to the doctor. If you are spending all your time taking care of others, you may see your worth only as your ability to make them happy, better, and healthier. If you expect others to take care of you, you may end up disappointed or feel helpless if they don’t. It is important to know you need care, and there is no shame in taking opportunities to put yourself first. Taking care of yourself builds your confidence and independence, and this will make you more effective in supporting the ones you love and building a stronger relationship.