Self-Esteem Passport (Paperback)

$35.00 CAD

This Self-Esteem Passport is a self-help book, a travel document guide to your self-development journey using 29 VISA topics. It jump-starts the self-esteem journey by meeting you from where you are. From your Self-image, Self-analysis, Gift of Rejection, Power of Gratitude, Failure to Succeed, Accepting Praise to Culture-specific Viewpoint to Doing Good and Feeling Good and much more. At the end of your journey, you will brand it with a validation stamp to celebrate your newly found Self-Esteem and affirmed achievements. The Passport celebrates the holder’s good nature, courage, and keen focus. It is valid indefinitely.

High Schools, therapists, social programs, businesses, empowerment programs, and many other organizations use this Self-Esteem passport to support diversity and authenticity in their students and teams. The Passport is an excellent measurement tool for well-being and happiness. Included are quotes to mitigate the effects of stress and remind yourself of your value. Additionally, quotes stimulate areas of the brain to effect positive changes regarding our health.
The Self-Esteem Passport is a personal development guide to understanding your value. It is a global entry passport to your overall self-journey.

The Passport is the core to unlocking your dreams. Get ready to embark on a self-discovery journey.