Teen Workshop Ages 13-16 Four Weeks

Teen Workshop Ages 13-16 Four Weeks


Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: The Orange Hub, 10045 156 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Investment: $420

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THE POWER of Self-Esteem

Learn how to treat others well and set them up for success.
Work on building self-confidence, finding your voice, and exploring ways to express yourself.
Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth, Self-Leadership.
Celebrate each student’s unique assets.

THE POWER of Presentations

Focus on steps to deliver memorable speeches.
Be clear in your message.
Own your story and structure and wow your audience.
Deliver an experience, not a speech.

THE POWER of Communication

Participate in active listening and speaking to be heard.
You are encouraged to self-inspect and look honestly at your interaction style and how you communicate in your daily lives.
Understand different styles of communication.
Identify the verbal and non-verbal behavior of the four primary communication styles

THE POWER of Managing time

Prioritize your Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.
Determine your productive time.
To identify your time wasters and adopt strategies for reducing them.
Strategies for avoiding procrastination.

THE POWER of Setting Goals

You will envision the type of leader you want to be and set goals to achieve them
Share your measurable goals with the group and commit to achieving these goals.
To motivate you to stay focused on your goals
To know what you’re aiming for in life

THE POWER of Health and Wellness

To motivate you, our student, to improve and maintain your health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors.
Enable you to make healthy choices throughout your lifetime.
To limit screen time and indulge in physical activity
To promote a good night’s sleep

THE POWER of Money Sense

We will introduce the concepts of money management and ways of being financially fit.
Inform and empower you to become a prudent decision-maker who can set financial targets and reach them.
To help students make better spending, saving and investment decisions.
To make financial plans for short- and long-term financial goals.

THE POWER of Words (Anti-bullying)

To prepare you to recognize and respond to bullying behavior.
To enable you to deal with bullies and keep yourself safe.
Using the WITS (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek help) to avoid being victimized.
To support you in unconditionally loving yourself without bullying yourself.

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April 13|20|27| & May 4, 2024


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