One Hour Speech Coaching

One Hour Speech Coaching


Preparation: To craft powerful speeches, we’ll start with a solid foundation.
Before each session, I draw upon my experience as a top 28 speaker with
Toastmasters International. This journey has taught me that you can only
take someone where you’ve sailed yourself. I understand the challenges
and triumphs of the speaker’s journey because I’ve been there. By
reviewing your recent speech recording and transcript, I can offer insights
from a place of personal understanding. We’ll focus on areas where you
can improve, building on your strengths and refining your weaknesses to
create a message that truly resonates.

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Focused Sessions: During our one-hour sessions, I’ll share lessons from
my Toastmasters journey. We’ll dive into the essential elements of effective
presentations. Together, we’ll refine your speech structure, ensuring it’s
engaging and well-organized. We’ll clarify your central message, drawing
upon my experience to make it robust and impactful. And we’ll enhance
your delivery techniques so you can captivate your audience. With my
guidance, you’ll gain practical skills that I’ve honed through my journey as a
top speaker.

Recorded Sessions: Like in my Toastmasters journey, we’ll record every
session. This is your opportunity to revisit and review your progress at any
time. I know from experience that this playback feature is invaluable for
tracking your growth as a presenter. It’s about seeing the journey and
transformation firsthand, just as I’ve witnessed my growth as a speaker.
By embracing the TINKA Framework, you’ll receive structured, effective
coaching from someone who understands the path and has walked it. Your
journey to becoming a more confident and impactful speaker starts here.


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